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Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore, MEd, LMHC

 Janet is a Florida native, born in Ocala, Florida and educated in local public schools and the University of Florida. After receiving a masters degree in counseling, Janet did post-graduate work in anthropology, with particular interest in cultural religious experiences. This was a continuation of the interest she had expressed early on in life, exploring world religions, philosophy, the arts, literature, poetry, music, and the humanities in general. In early adulthood, Janet began to seek understanding of her own intuitive gifts under the Reverends Carol Parrish and Eloise Page of Cassadaga. Rev. Page, in particular, guided her instruction in Universal Law, symbolism and imagery, and meditation. Janet's own reading with Rev. Leroy Zemke of The Temple of the Living God in St. Petersburg, Florida enhanced her desire to continue her studies, and remarkably, predicted many events upon her path which would not yet unfold for years in her future. Through Janet's marriage to another seeker and teacher, Rev. Dr. Bob Estling, a spiritual partnership flowered that resulted in the creation of the Seraphim Center, a metaphysical Center of light, which Janet had seen in a visionary channeling session in 1990. The idea of such a Center, guided by Spirit in which others could seek and find their own Light, was to physically manifest a few years later, along with Janet's ordination first as a minister, and later as a reverend doctor.

 Today, Janet continues her work, and that of Rev. Dr. Bob's legacy at the Seraphim Center. She is known for her compassionate, intuitive readings, and her understanding of a variety of healing modalities, including tarot, runes, astrology, energy transfer, and prayer have brought her recognition and clients both nationally and internationally. She is well-regarded as a speaker, and has spoken publicly at many services, seminars, and conferences. Janet is a Reiki Master, a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and an ACHE- certified clinical hypnotherapist. In addition, as she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, she communicates comfortably with the various spiritual realms, including nature spirits, devic beings, and the angelic orders, as well as advanced masters, and all beings of light who serve on the inner planes. As a medium, Janet has been especially helpful to those who are grieving departed loved ones, by passing on their messages of comfort, forgiveness, (or requests for forgiveness) and love. She has also been able to help with difficult or confusing relationships by viewing past life dynamics which are reflected in the present.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rev. Dr. Janet has worked with mentally and emotionally disabled people to secure employment, and in a number of positions serving primarily the needs of women and the disadvantaged, including as a rape victim advocate, a rape and incest counselor, and a counselor with battered women. She has worked in university settings, in schools of detention, in prisons, in shelters, in hospitals, and in the community. She has also done much public speaking, raising awareness of these issues and public consciousness regarding societal constructs of racism and sexism which give birth to these issues. Additionally, in her sixteen years as a former hospice social worker, Janet has worked extensively with patients and families facing issues of death, dying, and grieving. In more than forty-five years of counseling experience, Janet has been blessed to serve others, offering help and support to those in need through avenues of social justice and compassionate care.

In December, 2011, Rev. Dr. Bob departed the earth plane after a long illness, and Rev. Dr. Janet assumed his ministry in March, 2014. She is very grateful for their life together and the spiritual mission they undertook which resulted in The Seraphim Center. She is also grateful to have the opportunity to continue serving the Seraphim community through the partnership that brought so much strength, joy, purpose, and the flowering of her own gifts into her life.

Rev. Dr. Janet has two sons, David, and Eric, a step-son, Rhan, daughter-in-law, Anita, and grandson, Mason. She is blessed to have a wonderfully loving and supportive family. In her spare time (what's that?) Janet enjoys writing poetry, experiencing nature, reading, journaling, and music. She "plays at" piano and harp.


Creature of Love
Written and performed by
Rev. Eric Emmanuel Estling


Well, the sun's going down over Gainesville,
As the moon greets the stars in the sky,
But no sun, moon, or star
Can brighten this heart,
As the love deep within your eyes.

A window to the soul they call it,
And I do believe that it's true
'Cause I swear I see within,
Down thru your skin,
Down to what's really you.

Oh, and I know this feeling will grow
As the trees reach their branches above.
Beauty true surrounds you,
'Cause you are a creature of love,
'Cause you are a creature of love.

Well, life sometimes has its troubles.
I sometimes forget what is true,
That this beauty I see
Is the God inside me,
Knowing the God inside you.

Oh, and I know this feeling will grow
As the trees reach their branches above.
'Cause beauty true,
Surrounds you,
'Cause you are a creature of love,
'Cause you are a creature of love,
Oh, 'cause you are a creature of love.





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Seraphim Center
Gainesville, Florida
Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore