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Our Vision

  The Seraphim Center is an interfaith spiritual center, dedicated to the Light. The Center honors the many and various traditions through which human beings have sought their own personal illumination and guidance, and we believe that each person is the best interpreter of the guidance that he or she receives. We feel that the Spirit is alive, active in the world, and manifests to each person in ways that honor each individual path. We are thus co-creators of both the physical and metaphysical worlds, and we are each charged with the mission of finding our own truths and working in harmony with them.

  The Seraphim Center honors healing in all aspects: Both traditional and non-traditional methods are acceptable, as are the varied methods of divination.  We believe that our planet and all life on it are precious, and are meant to be cherished, nurtured, and respected; and that we are to live our lives as best we can in joyfulness, peace, gratitude, and love.

Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore
Senior Minister

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Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore